1. What are your investment criteria?
    We invest in entrepreneurs that address hard problems with impactful solutions. Entrepreneurs who aim to change the underlying methodology of how their target market works.
  2. What stage do you invest in?
    We invest across stages, from Seed to Series stages, and generally invest $100K-$10M. We work with clean english term sheets and we are happy to work in consortia.
  3. I’d like to get an investment from you, what do I need to do?
    You start by contacting us . We respond to all submissions. It doesn't take long for us to tell you directly if we feel we can add value or not.
  4. What questions can I expect at our first meeting?
    What problem are you solving? Why is timing right now? Why are you the right one to solve this problem? How many are impacted by your solution? How do you plan on going to market? Where is the business in one year from now? What do you expect from us, apart from capital?
  5. What kind of questions should I not expect at our first meeting?
    We want to know who you are and why you got into your field and business. Serendipity is ok. We won't fixate on 5yr plans or exit projections.
  6. Do you invest world wide?
    In principle yes, however we prefer working with startups and entrepreneurs in areas where we understand the market, and deliver value.
  7. What's with the name Pacific Atlantic?
    Our partners hail from USA, UK, South Africa and New Zealand all of which have a Pacific or Atlantic ocean coast line. We also care deeply about the world's Oceans and have a long standing relationship with the Oceanic Society