Edgemesh is a web acceleration platform that allows any website to load faster (2-10x), run safer , provide deeper insights and scale more reliably.

All with a single line of JavaScript.

Go to: www.edgemesh.com


GameOn is a new and free way for fans to compete, watch and win during live sports! FREE to play with real cash prizes of up to $1,000,000! GameOn takes the free-to-play model of trivia apps, and applies it to the sports world with game predictions.

GameOn launched in Nov 18 with an investment from Pacific Atlantic Ventures. Burger King and Motorola are the first global brands on the platform.

Learn more at: www.gameon.app

Type 2 Telecom

a Marketplace for buyers to access telecom services and network solutions based on technical requirements and a revolutionary consortium based marketplace. T2T remove barriers between providers and customers with transparent procurement and pricing and full network audit services 24/7/365.

Type2Telecom started 2019 with an investment from Pacific Atlantic Ventures and is on track to double in size within Y1

Learn more at: www.type2telecom.com

Pacific Atlantic Payments Company Inc

a next generation payments company focusing on Zero Cost Processing (ZCP) 

Zero-fee processing is an ideal solution for many industries where accepting credit cards is often not practical or difficult due to processing costs.

Learn more at: www.pacificatlanticpayments.com